Wax Chaotic is a pair of lyrical storytellers who've been putting their own twist on folk music since 2011. Weaving themes of science-fiction and fantasy in with real-world events from their own lives, they change the mood and tone of their performance as whimsy dictates. Their musical influences include alternative, punk, bluegrass, blues, rock, pop, and of course, traditional and modern folk. While based in Indianapolis, their venues are as varied as their name suggests, from Canadian conventions and house concerts across the Midwest to local outdoor festivals. Wherever there’s an audience for something completely different, that’s where they’ll be.
Katt McConnell - Photograph by Jason Hardin
Katt McConnell is a combination of storyteller and mischief-maker. She loves finding new ideas and turning them sideways until they're just twisted enough. Her musical background includes numerous years of participating in school choirs, as well as one semester of formal vocal training in college. But mostly she's forged her own path through a love and passion for filk, one of folk music's lesser-known subgenres. She wields her voice with a will, sometimes as a lullaby and sometimes as a cudgel. She also wields actual cudgels, but mostly they're just bodhran tippers. When not focusing on Wax Chaotic, Katt runs a small freelance web and graphic design company called Firesong Productions, and a recording studio called Dragon Scale Studios.


Riley McConnell approaches her music with the same tenacity as she does any other puzzle that needs solving, and for that reason she's more than able to keep up with Katt. Her musical background includes everything from playing saxophone in her high school marching band to honing her storytelling skills by running GURPS campaigns. She brings a love of technology into the musical mix and is more than happy to play around with MIDI at every opportunity. Gaming and programming are also important in her life, so when not performing or practicing, Riley is usually playing around with some gadget or another.

Riley McConnell - Photograph by Jason Hardin