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"Wax Chaotic is a treat I waited too long to discover. At my very first Wax Chaotic concert ever, I fell in love with the rich harmony and the colorful stories in their music. Their range is incredibly impressive and runs from Celtic folk music to soulful ballads to sprightly, fanciful tunes with catchy lyrics. Their use of unusual and interesting instruments impressed me, as well. Wax Chaotic is an excellent example of the fact that you donít have to scream at an audience to get their rapt attention. Seek out this band and get a concert seat!"
Ginger Morgan from Greenwood, IN

"Wax Chaotic is onto something good. They've struck a balance with vocals and instruments that allows listeners to focus on the lyrics and absorb the tunes at the same time. The originality of their rhythms is particularly noteworthy. I've never stopped being impressed by how well unconventional compositions like The Singing of Dragons, Wet Velvet, and Buttons work out in the end. But the coolest thing about Wax Chaotic is the frequency with which their choruses get stuck in your head. It's just more proof that they know how to make them, and make them catchy."
Gabrielle G. from Kent, OH

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"Wax Chaotic is a trio whose music will transport you to magical places. Their harmonies and rich textures are like sipping the perfect cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day, but in a moment they'll wind you up with a driving bodhran and eerie tales of magic, murder, and the invisible world all around us. Echoes of their music will linger long after the concert is over!"
Jen Midkiff of Wild Mercy

Reviews image - Wax Chaotic - Photograph by Jason Hardin